Why choose an illuminated mirror?

When planning your bathroom design scheme, there are two essential ingredients to consider: the lighting and mirrors. But with a seemingly endless choice of different products for both lighting and bathroom mirrors on the market, where do you start?

A popular choice is to install wall lights either side of your mirror, which can be a stylish and practical choice, however may not suit your overall bathroom design scheme. They also require a fair amount of time and resource to install. This is when you could consider an illuminated mirror. An illuminated mirror combines a mirror with light - a 'two in one' product if you like, which creates a decorative yet functional product for the bathroom. They will perfectly complement any modern, contemporary bathroom style and can really add value to the space due to their expensive aesthetic.

Installation is far simpler and more cost effective thanks to just one point of wiring, compared to putting in place multiple wall lights and mirrors separately. Less wiring means that the illuminated mirror is more pared back, less intrusive and can lie virtually flat against your wall.

Depending on your bathroom and wall space, there are various size options of illuminated mirrors available. Take the Astro Avlon 1200, for example, which is a larger mirror at 47.24". These have the added bonus of covering far more area with light.

With so much to consider when planning and designing your bathroom, an illuminated mirror really might make the lighting decision a little more straightforward. Take a further look at Astro's bathroom lighting collection, including our choice of illuminated mirrors here.

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