Lights for Freedom

As part of Design Week Mexico 2016, a group of 22 artists used the Astro Eclipse wall light as a blank canvas to create a piece of art, which was sold at a silent auction. All money raised went towards Mexican charity Pro Mujeres Cautivas and the fantastic work they do in rehabilitating and supporting female prisoners in Mexico.

Read more about the artists involved by clicking on the images below.

Amalia Perez Robles

Born in Mexico City, Amalia is focused on editorial design and photography, and is currently studying a Visual Communications course at CENTRO.

Arturo Arvizu

Arturo is a graduate of Parson’s School of Design in Paris and has presented 13 shows in various galleries across the world including New York, San Francisco, Miami and Mexico City.

Beata Nowicka

Beata has over two decades’ experience of working as an architect, interior designer, academic and designer. She now heads up her own design firm and continually seeks to challenge the mundane through her work and turn it into something extraordinary.

Brenda Franco

Originally from Mexico, Brenda now lives in Munich and works as a visual artist. Her work has been displayed in many galleries around the world, including her 2015 ‘Walking Blind’ series in Shanghai.

Daniel Villela

Daniel is owner and creative director at Phigmento, where he creates sustainable and contemporary pattern designs. During his career Daniel has also been graphic editor and art director for many editorials and publicity agencies, as well as collaborating with well-known designers such as Lance Wyman, Carla Fernandez and Ezequiel Farca.

Fernando Monroy Robles

Currently studying a degree in Visual Communications at CENTRO, Fernando bases most of his work on digital illustration. He was recently interviewed by Instagram to talk about his work as a digital illustrator.

Gabriela Sanchez y Sanchez de la Barquera

Gabriela graduated from The Design Academy in Eindhoven and is now founder of GSYSB, a fantastic design company that specialises in storytelling through illustration and textiles. Gabriela has also been a designer for Dutch brand Vlisco since 2012.

Gina Xaviera Moreno Valle Diez Barroso

Gina is a Mexican designer and art director who currently works at creative studio Hugo & Marie in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in multiple cities around the US.

Hector Madera

Born in Puerto Rico, Hector works mainly with collage. His work has been exhibited across the world including in London, Taiwan, Madrid, Ecuador and the United States.

Hugo Laurencena

Hugo is originally from Argentina but now lives and works in Mexico. His work is included in internationally endorsed collections and he has gained several acknowledgements, such as from Novartis and Telecom.

Isabelle Hayman

Previously a textiles designer in Indonesia and London, Isabelle exhibits her art in group shows and private galleries.

Javier Henriquez Lara

Javier is both a Mexican designer and teacher. He has helped to develop brands across countries such as Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Jorge Hauss

Jorge specialises in ‘new media’ and he has worked as an engraver, a draftsman, photographer, filmmaker and sculptor. His work has not just been displayed in exhibitions, but also in subway stations and at the official G-20 summit in Mexico.

Jorge Tellaeche

Jorge has collaborated with a number of major brands such as Adidas, Domino’s Pizza and W Hotel as well as working on different projects supporting charities.

Jose Pablo Carrillo

Born in Mexico City, Jose is currently studying Visual Communication at CENTRO. His design inspiration arises from dance.

Katarzyna Laskowska

Professor Katarzyna Laskowska runs a design studio within the University of Arts in Poland. She strives to connect the worlds of art and business resulting in educational projects and new brands.

Laura Kirar

Laura graduated from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and is now creative director of her own design firm. Since 1999, many of Laura’s designs have been featured in high profile publications.

Luis Rojas

Luis is an industrial designer. He often contributes his thoughts and ideas to publications such as Time Out Mexico, which has gained him a large following on Instagram.

Manuel Monroy

Manuel is a graphic designer who has gained a number of awards for his work over the last twenty years.

Martha Flores

An engraver, sketcher and illustrator, Martha graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. She is also a teacher and researcher at UAM Xochimilco.

Mauricio Galguera

Mauricio graduated from “La Esmerelda” National Art and Sculpture School. His work has been showcased across the world including Switzerland, London, Barcelona and Leon.

Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo is a Spanish illustrator and has exhibited his work across the world. He has also worked on several advertising campaigns for global brands such as Nike, Converse and Coca Cola.

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